Top 5 Tech Industry News

1. CISA Begins National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This year’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) various free resources, guides, and tip sheets for organizations to customize and use at their discretion. In addition, CISA is posting on its social channels with even more content throughout the month of October.

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Why it matters: Cyber attacks have reached over 4,000 a day since the start of the pandemic. This year, NCSAM’s theme is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” and encourages cyber safety amongst all Americans online.

2. Google Rebrands G Suite to Compete Against Microsoft Office

Google’s G Suite office apps will now be called Google Workspace and are getting rebrand with new and improved features. In addition, a “Business Plus” tier is now available with more hands-on management features. 

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Why it matters: Google is going up against Mircosoft office and the VP of Google Workspace says, “This is the end of the ‘office’ as we know it.” As more and more companies make remote work a permanent option, new and improved office apps may be the key to new efficiencies. 

Tennessee I.T. managed services company RCN Technologies has added an innovative remote support solution to help customers save time and money on resolving tech support issues with the new Out of Band Management Kit (OOBM) from RTech Solutions

Why it matters: RTech’s OOBM Kit can be used for any type of application where I.T. managers or tech support engineers manage multiple locations from a central office. With the kit, these I.T. departments can use secure, instant remote device access to:

  1. Reduce time spent troubleshooting and resolving issues for I.T. staff
  2. Improve uptime for all locations by solving issues faster
  3. Save on expenses related to the cost of truck rolls by solving issues remotely

4. IBM Announces Hybrid Cloud Growth Strategy and the World’s Leading Managed Infrastructure Services Provider

IBM announced their “laser focus” on the hybrid cloud and AI technologies for the beginning of 2021. A new spin-off company will also emerge and will be the world’s leading managed infrastructure services provider.  

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Why it matters: IBM is altering its business model to prepare for the future and better serve its clients and their needs moving into the fourth quarter. Their new hybrid cloud offers, “…up to 2.5 times more value for clients than a public cloud-only solution.”

5. Driverless Taxi Service to be Available in Phoenix Through Google’s Waymo Service

Waymo announced it will offer a driverless taxi service in Phoenix, AZ in the coming weeks. Vehicles will be operated remotely in case of extreme circumstances, such as a road being closed.

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Why it matters: These new driverless taxis will allow for more passengers and a safer rider during the COVID-19 pandemic. Waymo is currently testing driverless vehicles in 25 additional locations.

Top 4 Community & Local Tech News

1. Alcoa Police Department Alerts Community About Phone Scam

Alcoa Police Department announced a phone scam is going around that usually targets the elderly and asks for them to buy gift cards in order to pay taxes on lottery winnings, fix computer hacks, or make other kinds of payments. The police department urges people to give them a call at (865) 981-4111 if they aren’t sure of the validity of the caller!

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2. Knox County Surveys Internet Access for Spring Semester

 Knox County Schools announced the continuation of the virtual learning option for the Spring semester last week.

In order to get insight into how many families have or are in need of the internet, the school board put out a survey that can be found here:

The results will help the school board provide better resources to those who chose the virtual learning option.

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3. KUB Customers Can Participate in TVA’s Green Switch Match Program

KUB customers now have the option to decrease their carbon footprint by participating in TVA’s Green Switch Match program. Participants will have the option to “match their monthly electricity consumption with an equivalent amount of renewable energy production for 1 cent per kilowatt hour used.” In the release, KUB states that for $10 more a month, residents could reduce their carbon footprint by 8,000 lbs of CO2 per year.

4. Bill Haslam Emphasizes the Importance of Education During the Pandemic with Better Student Outcomes Now

 Better Student Outcomes Now was created to “raise awareness of opportunities to improve outcomes in Tennessee and encourage greater academic growth.” It’s meant to serve as a go-to source of information for the public and policymakers about education strategies that have shown success in improving student achievement.

k12 virtual education solutions

Work From Home / Learn From Home

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A Good Note

We want to end each Tech Briefing on a Good Note by sharing something to uplift your spirits.

Pilot Raises Over $94K for United Way During the 28th Annual Pilot Pumpers Event

During the three-day event, Pilot took five cents of every gallon of gasoline sold and 10 cents of every dollar spent in-store and donated it to United Way of Greater Knoxville’s 2020 campaign! 

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