An Out of Band Management Kit combines industry-leading hardware, major U.S. wireless carrier data, full-stack tech support for a seamless and secure remote access support system.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee I.T. managed services company RCN Technologies has added an innovative remote support solution to help customers save time and money on resolving tech support issues with the new Out of Band Management Kit (OOBM) from RTech Solutions.

The new OOBM Kit provides instant remote access to critical network devices from anywhere even if a device is offline, physically inaccessible, or when the network is down. In addition, the OOBM assists users in protecting critical network devices with high-level security features and secure remote access. The kit includes everything needed to deploy instantly.

In addition to the industry-leading hardware components within the kit, companies deploying the new Out of Band Management Kit will have access to unlimited major U.S. wireless carrier data and on-demand tech support for a predictably low, fixed monthly cost. The OOBM Kit is an all-in-one solution designed with simplicity in mind.

RTech’s OOBM Kit can be used for any type of application where I.T. managers or tech support engineers manage multiple locations from a central office. With the kit, these I.T. departments can use secure, instant remote device access to:

  1. Reduce time spent troubleshooting and resolving issues for I.T. staff
  2. Improve uptime for all locations by solving issues faster
  3. Save on expenses related to the cost of truck rolls by solving issues remotely


The Out of Band Management kit is perfect for business IT teams that want real-time visibility, hands-on control, and peace of mind in their network security. Solutions from RTech bring simplicity and affordability to the table.

Scott Swisher

Director of Corporate Strategy, RCN Technologies

The OOBM Kit from RTech comes with the following additional perks:

  • Supports Most Cellular Carriers
  • Cross-Carrier Pooling
  • Optimal Carrier Location Matching
  • One Simple Bill With All Carriers
  • No Overage Fees
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fixed, Low Annual Cost
  • Industry-Leading Hardware
  • Managed Device & Data Services
  • Access to Enterprise-Class IT Support

No matter the industry, the OOBM Kit is perfect for companies that need quick network accessibility they can rely on. OOBM Kits are available in all-inclusive subscriptions for managing 1, 2, 4, and up to 8 devices. Discounts are available for customers who pay yearly. RCN is an RTech Solutions partner and provides innovative solutions available from RTech for customers to deploy.

Order the OOBM Kit today for a reliable, strong, secure, and mobile connection. Taking control of your critical network devices has never been easier. Contact us for more information: | 865.293.0350

What’s in the Out of Band Management Kit?

Each piece of hardware featured in this kit is industry-leading, tested, and proven to keep users up and running – especially when it matters most.
  • Cradlepoint COR IBR200 LTE Endpoint
  • External mobile broadband & Wi-Fi antennas
  • Unlimited data with cross-carrier pooling available
  • Enterprise IT support from on-demand engineers

About RCN Technologies

Founded in 2013, RCN Technologies is a Tennessee-based I.T. managed service provider with end-to-end white-glove service to help your entire business technology ecosystem run smoothly. RCN specializes in wireless data solutions, managed I.T. services, internet service, VoIP, connected devices, and highly skilled tech support. The company prides itself on being a technology ally for private and public organizations that expect more from their technology partner. More recently, RCN was named the first Knoxville-area I.T. company to be certified woman-owned and rank on the Inc. 5000. For more information, call 865.293.0350 or visit


About RTech Solutions

RTech Solutions was born on a foundation that focused on listening to customers and simply helping them succeed while solving common business needs with off-the-shelf, turnkey services. RTech provides all-in-one wireless connectivity Solutions-as-a-Service that includes hardware, data, and tech support for common business applications. RTech is built to make life easier for businesses. For more information, call 865.657.8324 or visit

About Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint is a global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions for branch, mobile, and IoT networks. Our Elastic Edge vision becomes a reality in NetCloud, a subscription-based service with purpose-built endpoints that delivers a pervasive, secure, and software-defined Wireless WAN edge to connect people, places, and things over LTE and 5G cellular networks. More than 20,000 enterprise and government organizations around the world — including 75 percent of the world’s top retailers, 50 percent of the Fortune 100, and first responder agencies in 25 of the largest US cities — rely on Cradlepoint to keep critical branches, points of commerce, field forces, vehicles, and IoT devices always connected and protected. Major service providers use Cradlepoint solutions as the foundation for innovative managed services. Founded in 2006, Cradlepoint is a privately held company headquartered in Boise, Idaho, with a development center in Silicon Valley and international offices in the UK and Australia. For more information, visit

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