Wearable BioTech Company Utilizes LTE Technology to provide connectivity for IoT Devices.

Solution: Wireless WAN |Industry: Technology / Wearables |Use Case: BioTech LTE Connectivity


Situation & Challenge

Kinetic is a Biotechnology company that focuses on reducing workplace injuries with state-of-the-art IoT wearable devices. Their Reflex product monitors for unsafe biomechanics performed on the job that can lead to injury. Kinetic needed to provide their product with a private network to ensure connectivity in any situation.


Cradlepoint’s IBR200 Series and IBR600 Series proved to be comprehensive solutions. These endpoints provide a secure, powerful LTE network that can be deployed virtually anywhere.


As the Pandemic took hold, Kinetic was able to assist with contact tracing and proximity alerts by utilizing these private networks.

Meet the Customer 

Kinetic co-founder and CEO Haytham Elhawary came to understand the impact of workplace injuries on individuals and families at an early age. During his childhood in London, his mother worked as an elderly care nurse – a job that strained her back and, in turn, their family, as she underwent several work-related injuries.

Elhawary’s childhood experience – and his professional background in robotics and artificial intelligence – inspired him to explore a high-tech solution for reducing workplace injuries among front-line workers. In 2014, he partnered with his engineer friend and future co-founder and CTO Aditya Bansal, to begin development of a wearable device that could reduce industrial workplace injuries. Dozens of prototypes later, and joined by some of the best engineers, mathematicians and ergonomists, the team finalized the current REFLEX device in 2016.

Kinetic Logo

New York, New York


A Private Network to Integrate With Their Products

Kinetic was in the market for a private network they could place inside their charging dock. They had previously tried a few different routers but still hadn’t found the right solution. 

A Partner Who Could Meet Their Timelines

Working with brands like PepsiCo and Nationwide, Kinetic needed a partner that could provide quality solutions while meeting tight deadlines.

Clear, Consistent Communication

Communication is essential in any organization. For a startup working with nationally recognized brands, it is paramount. Kinetic needed a partner they could get on the phone at a moment’s notice.

"RCN has been a great asset for us by providing clear inventory management support and always asking what our current needs are and what they will be in the future. By working closely with Kristin and Jordan, we are able to effectively forecast when shipments will arrive at our warehouse and subsequently ship out our product to customers in a timely manner. They are also very flexible and willing to assist with solving any other connectivity issues we may be facing. I can trust that they will provide me and my team with accurate inventory forecasting and support to ensure we stay fully aligned on expectations."

Phillip Salter

Quality Assurance Lead, Kinetic

Kinetic BioTech

The Perfect Partner

During their search for the perfect partner,  Kinetic was having issues with order fulfillment and turnaround. Lacking a partner that would meet their needs, they asked their local Verizon Representative for help in locating a partner who could rise to the occasion. RCN Technologies instantly came to mind and was chosen for its fantastic turnaround times, consistent communication, and stellar reputation.


RCN Technologies was able to quickly provision and implement Cradlepoint Routers within Kinetic’s charging dock. This was the exact partner/solution combination that they had been looking for.  These endpoints provide a secure, powerful private LTE network that can be deployed virtually anywhere, enabling notifications for posture correction as well as transmitting the day’s data to the cloud. This has allowed the devices to perform the way they were designed by preventing injuries in real-time.

"Kinetic is such an amazing and fast growing company. Their needs from a partner fit right into what RCN does on a day to day basis. I was able to learn their pain points and customize the process within our internal RCN teams to be able to meet their needs consistently. I am excited to see what they come up with next!"

Kristin Messmann

Regional Account Manager, RCN Technologies

Real-World Solution Benefits

for Wearable Technology

Mobile Wi-Fi Access

Real-Time Location Updates


Employee Productivity Monitoring


Remote System Management & Updates


Private, Secure Network

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