Your old laptop wants to go on a new adventure and make a big impact on a child’s future.


The Goal For Next Year

Emerald Youth Foundation is working on identifying students within their system that will need a laptop to learn and develop skills at home and will distribute the laptops to students in need. RCN Technologies’ goal will be to collect, sanitize, and recondition laptops to meet the need of our community.

Why Donate

Nationwide, 1 in 3 students are without a laptop to participate in remote learning or even complete modern homework assignments and research. We know a need exists in our community to help all students have connectivity access in order to stay connected at home and participate in remote learning and studying outside the classroom.

Through the Laptop Adventure Program, we can work together as a community to ensure our students can access a better education.

Connectivity + Devices = Opportunity

RCN has a program to help community and education organizations get connectivity to students, and now we are planning to relaunch this program to get students the devices they need to connect, too. With these programs combined, our community can directly impact opportunities for young people and build a brighter future for our area.

Want to Help, But Don’t Have A Laptop?

You can help Emerald Youth fund new Windows licenses, parts replacements, and more by donating to their Technology Fund.

What Would Happen To The Laptops

RCN Technologies’ TechLab IT technician team will follow a cleaning and reconditioning protocol for each device that is donated and meets minimum specifications.


Refresh Process Overview

  1. Physically clean and sanitize each device
  2. Securely erase all existing data on each device
  3. Reinstall core operating system and applications
  4. Test for proper functionality

Where Would The Laptops Go

The Impact Organization for the Laptop Adventure Program is Emerald Youth Foundation (EYF), a great local non-profit organization with a vision to make Knoxville a city where every child in every neighborhood has the opportunity to lead a full life. For more than 25 years, Emerald Youth Foundation has been working to support Knoxville’s youth and prepare generations of Godly community leaders through a neighborhood ministry model with young people and their families across urban Knoxville. Emerald Youth Foundation’s sister organization, Emerald Charter Schools, operates the only public charter school in Knoxville, so between both organizations, they are working with a multitude of families and students that can benefit from refreshed laptops…

Emerald Youth Foundation is working towards identifying students and families that will be in need of devices to enable access to remote learning and homework to keep up with educational requirements. EYF will be distributing the refreshed laptops to these students and families directly to help impact our community in a timely manner.

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How Does My Business Become A Community Collection Partner

Community Collection Partners are vital to the success of this program! Ideal CCPs are businesses with common areas where customers can freely move (retail, restaurants, etc.) and can dedicate a small amount of floor space to a collection bin for the program. Each day, customers will be able to bring in and drop off laptops to donate to the program in the bin, and we ask that our CCPs have a reasonable process for monitoring and protecting those donations. Our team will visit your location for collection every two weeks as a routine, however, we can make unscheduled pickups if your location experiences increased donation volume.

We want this program to be beneficial to local businesses restarting after the pandemic to generate more visitors at a CCP location. RCN will routinely be posting and sharing CCP collection site locations to our audiences and encourage all CCPs to do the same. We also recommend, if you are able, to offer an incentive to customers who make a donation to drive more business during this time, though this is not a requirement to participate in the program. RCN will also share all incentives offered on our channels.

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