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Always On Connectivity For Vehicles

From fleet management, enterprise-grade security to constant connectivity, your fleets are ready for the future of transportation with RCN Technologies. The benefits of in-vehicle networks are numerous, and the results of network connectivity increases productivity.

In- Vehicle Network Solutions

RCN Technologies understands the need to keep your fleet up to date. We offer individualized solutions to manage your fleet the way you need it handled.

Mitigating Security Risks

Never let your network pose a security threat. Let RCN Technologies and Cradlepoint provide enterprise-grade network security for your business.

Vehicle Installation Guide

Don’t be intimidated by the automotive environment vs. your electrical equipment. Keep it simple with Cradlepoint’s vehicle best practices installation guide.

K-12 In-Vehicle Solutions

Today’s children are growing up in a society that is dependent on technology. As many as seven in ten teachers assign homework that requires some sort of internet access to complete, but one in three households do not have broadband internet service available. Moreover, more than 40 percent of all classrooms do not have WiFi access. If students want to complete their work, they are responsible for finding alternative needs. RCN can handle the problem with their Cradlepoint in-vehicle solutions. Their devices can provide internet access to all students on a school bus so they can complete their homework without fail. To nourish the next generation of leaders, we need to give them the proper tools.

School Bus
Public Bus

Solutions for Public Transportation

From mass transit Wi-Fi, fleet database access or real-time connectivity for first responders, in-vehicle network solutions are changing the way we travel. From buses, trains and automobiles people today want and need internet access while on the move. Commutes are made simple and easy, while fleet management through RCN Technologies allows mass transit affiliations to provide streaming content for users with the simple solution through RCN Technologies and powered by Cradlepoint.

Solutions for Vehicle Fleets

The commercial transportation industry is rapidly growing for not only the need for technology, but for a mandate. With the functionality of a Cradlepoint router in-vehicle, commercial transportation companies are finding new technology that ensures better fleet management and monitoring, ensuring maximum productivity, generating easier systems for drivers and ultimately saving time and money. RCN Technologies has the capacity to find the most cost-effective and productive fleet technology to ensure constant network connectivity and cloud management.

Police Car

Connectivity to Power Mission-Critical Police Technologies

Cradlepoint routers have developed a compact, ruggedized 3G/4G/LTE network solution designed for the most mission-critical connectivity in challenging environments. As the demand for always-on connectivity continues to grow for police departments, Cradlepoint routers and cloud management allow IT teams to manage their fleet while ensuring the utmost connectivity and bandwith strength.

M2M & IoHT Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare has grown from the confines of a building to hospitals and doctors offices. With the growing need for the healthcare industry to be more mobile and readily available to patients, RCN Technologies provides the proper equipment that allow healthcare to connect beyond the boundaries of brick and mortar buildings. Cradlepoint 4G LTE mobile solutions not only offer the most competitive edge for networking, but provide secure networks with 99.99% connectivity reliability and HIPAA compliance.


Network Solutions for Emergency Services

Emergency services and their fleets need mission-critical connectivity round the clock. The demand for mission-critical connectivity are not only a necessity but are life-dependent. Cradlepoint has rugged, enterprise grade solutions that can handle the most severe environments. With remote monitoring, cloud connection and secure networking, emergency services maintain the speeds they need while on a secure network.