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Build the perfect technology solution for your business and rely on us to keep you up to date.

We are an exclusive Cradlepoint partner. Our experienced staff are all Cradelpoint Certified.






Every business deserves the best security, up time and cost effective services.  Technology solutions can be challenging to get right.  At RCN Techonogies we have assembled a team of industry experts and engineers that can sort though the confusion to find the best solution for your business. We start by spending time with each customer to identify their unique needs and budget. Our mission is to help you accomplish yours.

Explore our core services

RTech Solutions

R-Tech solutions were developed for the business who needs 99.999% up-time, but don’t have the budget for the big upfront investment…

Wireless Failover

Never let your network down. 4G/ LTE reliable service. Keeping your business network activity connected…

M2M / IoT

Cradlepoint solutions give you the ability to easily set up an M2M network anywhere, regardless of space constraints or other connectivity challenges…


Resound Voice offers a variety of Business Telecommunication services designed to reduce the cost of business telecom…


Keeping an entire educational systems’ network constantly connected can pose a challenge in schools…

In Vehicle / Transportation

From fleet management, enterprise grade security to constant connectivity, your fleets are ready for the future of transportation…


Network mobility creates limitless options for the healthcare industry, and wireless networks allow for healthcare to be mobilized…

Carrier Services

Sourcing your internet and phone service has never been easier than it is with RCN. We have over 127 different carriers to select from to ensure you get the best service for your needs….

RCN Solutions Agents work closely with clients to help them identify, deploy and support various hardware solutions.   We can help manufactures and hardware providers sell, install and support equipment that will best suit the customer needs.  We have a very high satisfaction rate as we take the time to understand customer requirements.  To see if RCN would be a good partner for you, please get in touch.

For Manufacturer’s and 

         Hardware Providers

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