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Reed Perryman

Public Sector National Accounts and Contract Manager

“Boy, you have no idea the places I plan to take you with this company,” my boss Geoff Yearack told me in an impromptu afternoon meeting. And he was right.

When I started at RCN Technologies on January 5th, 2017 I had one mission- found the company’s public-sector sales division. The goal intimidated me having zero prior sales experience and a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Public Sector? My mind drifted to bleak visions of pushing papers and boring conversations about boring technology solutions with boring government workers. Boy, was I wrong.

Unexpected passion blossomed while aiding schools roll out state-of-the-art technology to teachers and students. Police departments made their officers safer with every solution vetted and sold. Government IT transformed productivity with each new implementation.

I discovered the power to make my community a better place was in my hands. So, I ran with it.

As I reflect on my first year, I cannot believe some of the places I’ve already been- Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, San Antonio, Austin, Boise, and Cozumel, Mexico. I cannot believe what I’ve accomplished- 6 purchasing contracts on our line card, 500k in sales, plenty meaningful relationships, and a solid department infrastructure ready for a fantastic team.

The future for me shines brightly here at RCN, and I want to work my hardest to make my boss proud of the chance he took hiring me.

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While not at work, I enjoy treasure hunting at thrift stores, listening to my vinyl collection, sipping whiskey, seeing indie films, enjoying the Great Smoky Mountains, keeping up with retail trends, and updating my wardrobe. Most of all I find joy in serving God, my family, my girlfriend and my community.

AKA/Misspellings: Reid Perryman, Reid Peryman, Reed Perrymen, Peed Rerryman Specialties: Writing, public speaking, leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, contract management.

If you’re a government or education sector, call or use the form below to contact Reed. He looks forward hearing from you and answering any questions or concerns you may have.

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