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Today marks the 217th day at our new headquarters. It has been a phenomenal experience so far. Our HQ was meticulously designed and laid out by our President, Geoff Yearack, with the intentions of creating a space that enhances our incredible culture. From the relaxing sales park on the ever-busy sales floor, to the RedZone on the executive floor, RCN’s HQ creates a healthy blend of fun and hard work which is clearly depicted across the entire HQ design. Geoff Yearack, our president made sure the RCN HQ is a place that truly depicts the amazing culture each employee’s skill set, hard work and personality has created. This headquarters is a unique housing for the well-greased RCN engine that provides our customers and partners with the best experience in our industry.

The RCN headquarters is a milestone for the company as it started out just 6 years ago as RCN Communications in the basement of Geoff Yearack’s home. Considering the significance of this building, it had to be designed just right. The openness of our building depicts the high level of transparency in our company culture. With an open space such as ours, every member of the team gets a clear understanding of process flows, operations, company health and most importantly, an employee’s individual impact to the team. Our president believes that transparency in any business model fosters a high-level of cohesiveness amongst every team in an organization; it is the grease behind every operation. The RCN building is also physically an open environment. The ambiance in the building makes for a psychologically healthier space for all employees; it is a significant contribution to why our HQ is such a healthy space.

At first glance of the RCN Headquarters, the first phrase that comes to mind is “aesthetic excitement”. From the antique columns to the wall art and custom designed furniture, every piece was strategically put together to reflect every personality that is RCN. Every office is also specifically fitted to depict the personality of the employees occupying them, which adds to the artistry and finished look of the building. Our building is a mixture of technology and art at its finest. From the 10’70inch Elo display screens welcoming everyone who walks in the building to the cool colored wall art that greets you as you proceed to the sales floor, one immediately feels amidst the RCN culture. The design of the RCN HQ goes beyond the finishing touches of interior décor to the actual building structure. The columns and unfinished floors are a significant statement to the RCN culture. These features depict the unique character, reliability and tenacity of RCN. As these features are a sign of the strength and longevity of the building structure, they are left bare to constantly remind all of the form RCN has taken after 6 years of industry leading success.

The second floor of RCN HQ is the executive floor. This section of the building houses areas such as the president’s office, president’s boardroom, accounting, and HR offices. This floor also houses very unique features such as the RedZone, the RCN Studio as well as the RCN Swag Store. The concept of the RedZone was derived from football culture as it is a place strictly allocated to completion of tasks and meeting deadlines. This area is a depiction of RCN’s laser focus culture of getting things done. As culture is a significant aspect of RCN, we take pride in its representation internally and externally. In the efforts to express our culture The RCN swags store was created. It is a medium we use to display and share who RCN is as well as express the wonderful relationships we have with our partners and customers. The store is equipped with RCN and partner gear. With efforts such as our mug club, we share our culture with partners and customers and open ourselves up to experience the culture of other company and organizations  we do business with. The launch of our RCN News channel has made our studio a significant feature at our HQ. All video and audio recordings are done in the RCN Studio. It is equipped with a green screen as well as top tier video and audio equipment. At RCN we believe all work doing is work doing effectively.

There is no culture without community. The RCN HQ is as beautiful on the inside as much as it is on the outside. Our patio is truly a company hub. It is one spot that brings the RCN family together. It is a serene place to take a breather from day to day business and a good environment to have a nice relaxed time with the team or fellow co-workers. With the summer coming and the sun shining, the patio is a place where our president shows his amazing barbecue and grilling skills while displaying his exemplary servant leadership attributes. The company loves to commune and bond during cookouts and grills sessions. As a culture, RCN has had some of its most significant moments on our Patio.

The RCN Sales park is another unique spot at out HQ. From the moment we moved in, the sales park has been everyone’s favorite place. It is a section of the building right between the TechLab exit and the sales floor. As the name insinuates, this section is themed with parklike aesthetics. It has a mural on the wall that says ‘Sales Park’ which adds to the overall calming design. It is a mini-section in the building purposed for stress relief. Equipped with games such as corn-hole and giant Jenga bricks the sales park is purpose built to provide the work play balance RCN employees need to effectively engineer and support the technology solutions we provide.

Every individual that walks into the RCN HQ can attest to the unique experience that is the RCN culture. It makes you want to be part of team RCN, wear our swag and show off the RCN swoosh; representing our green and blue colors. The same high level of sophistication and attention to detail that goes into our solutions went into designing this amazing landmark. As our building has exceeded expectations, rest assured, you can expect our solution will do much more. You can #ExpectMore from a company like ours. We are constantly working to provide you with the best solutions and customer experience on the market today.

Give us a call today and let RCN ensure the granular attention to detail for every technology solution necessary for the success of your business.

Expect More from RCN technologies.