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Help us in welcoming Ibukunoluwa Sobayo to the RCN Technologies family. Ibukunoluwa, who goes by IB (pronounced “I-Bee”), graduated from Lee University with a degree in information systems. Before joining our team, she used while working as a technology specialist for Bradley County schools in Cleveland, Tennessee. “Fun,” she explains, “but not hands-on enough”.  That is where IB’s RCN story began.   

Enter Kathryn Healy, RCN’s own National Business Development Manager. IB meets Kathryn at a Lee University Career fair, where the two start a relationship that evolves into a job. Kathryn invites IB to the RCN career fair in April, which IB wisely attends, and the rest falls into place. This summer, RCN hires IB as the Technology Lab Help Desk Specialist, where she works to oversee the procurement and preparation of devices for clients.   

IB acts as both a guide and a protector for our Cradlepoint devices. She receives and sends packages, provisioning devices for import and export.  Her job is to ensure that the packages align with our client’s requests and that our clients receive the support they need if not.  IB’s guiding voice speaks volumes about her wisdom in technology and customer service, making her the ideal candidate for this position.   

IB has excelled in her position thus far because of her ability to network solutions, listen intently, and pay attention to detail. Equal parts challenging and exciting, IB’s position requires her to take on, as she puts it, “a little bit of everything”. She manages tasks such as updating routers and memorizing speculations, furthering her growing background as a technology genius. She notes that she continues to learn and grow with the company and loves being on the “inside” of operations.    

Her drive and passion for the job will undoubtedly take her far in the company. We somehow managed to pull her away from her desk for this interview, which only speaks to her insane work ethic. We are eager to see where her ambition and intellect will take our team! 

If you want to get to know IB better, you can connect with her on Linkedin: