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Help us in celebrating Nick Conner’s new promotion from Inside Sales Manager to Director of Sales Operations.    

Nick practically helped start the family when he came on as the very first inside sales representative for the company.  He has a strong background in sales and has gained experience working at enterprise companies like Verizon and Comcast.  RCN picked up on this talent and hired him in October of 2015, where his RCN story began.  Now, he has become the backbone of what is now the RCN sales department.   

Fortunately, we asked for a salesperson and got a superhuman.  Nick has not only expanded our sales department, but he has embodied RCN’s culture and furthers what we stand for.  His commitment to RCN’s success has yet to go unnoticed, for his passion and drive encompasses everything that he does.  Nick actively seeks out ways to better the company, as well as bettering himself.  Through his time at RCN, we have watched him grow into a great employee and the best version of himself.  

No one can work like Nick Conner can, which is why he has flown through the ranks of the company.  He started as an inside sales rep, soon moved to the Top Sales Representative, and then to Inside Sales Manager.  His eye for expansion has led him to the promotion he accepted last week, which will include expanding west coast territory as the Director of Sales Operations from RCN’s new office in Boise, Idaho.   

This new position carries lots of responsibility and involves higher-level management skills.  Nick will be responsible for the majority of sales and support on the west coast.  We are confident in Nick’s ability to represent the company well from his new vantage point.  We cannot wait to see the amazing things this promotion has in store for Nick!  

If you want to get to know Nick better, you can connect with him on LinkedIn: