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Please help us in celebrating Jeff Field’s new promotion from Tech Lab Help Desk Specialist to Business Development Representative.

Jeff’s RCN story began at an aquarium. He had just graduated from MTSU with a degree in Audio Engineering and worked as a sales associate for Aquarium Knoxville. “I realized there are no jobs in the music industry, and I grew weary of looking. That’s when RCN called,” he explains. Internal employees had highly recommended Jeff and after he interviewed he started his career with RCN.

Jeff started as a Tech Lab Help Desk Specialist before moving to his new role as Business Development Representative. Before his promotion, Jeff worked on the operations side of the help desk position, executing customer callbacks at a sales representative level. His superior customer service and his technological knowledge prepared him for his new role as Business Development Representative. Now, he functions as “pre-sales support”, making calls and finding leads. While relatively new to the position, he has already found much success with it.

His colleagues credit this success to his intense attention to detail and his superior conflict resolution abilities. Jeff always finds a way to take care of our customers, explaining that he delights in finding solutions for people. “I’m a very blunt person,” he adds, “I won’t sell you something that doesn’t work. It’s not good business practice.” Jeff’s exercise in transparency has allowed him to foster relationships with customers and clients that strengthen over time.

Jeff’s favorite part of the job? “Making connections. Getting clients excited about RCN and building that rapport with them,” he elaborates. Jeff knows how to sell RCN to others simply due to his passion for the company. He loves the culture here, loves Cradlepoint and all the wonderful things their products do, but notes that it’s the people at RCN that keeps him coming to work every day.

We are so proud of Jeff and his future with RCN. We cannot wait to see where he will take us!

If you want to get to know Jeff better, you can connect with him on LinkedIn: