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RCN Technologies is proud to announce that Jeff Field has once again been promoted. Jeff is now a Regional Accounts Manager (RAM). Jeff Field has had a very dynamic journey in RCN Technologies. Recently, Jeff was promoted from a Help Desk Specialist position to a hybrid position of a Business Development Representative (Territory Accounts Manager/TAM) and Helpdesk Specialist.

Jeff has excelled in both positions and he is very well prepared for his new role. Jeff has proven times without number that he is a significant attribute to the success of RCN Technologies. In the time frame of his hybrid position, he was able to balance out executing successful installs for some of our organization’s biggest clients and managing customer accounts with our Central and West Coast teams.

As a TAM, Jeff Field’s duties were to drive business opportunities through to the RAMs. This position was a refining process for him as he began to lay the foundation for current business opportunities which are now very beneficial to his success as a Regional Accounts Manager.

Jeff’s ability to be an efficient team player has been a noteworthy aspect of his incremental success. He says that in the early stages of his new position, “functioning as a mini-Regional Accounts Manager” helped him create significant business opportunities as he took advantage of the contacts of other RAMs. This act alone made his team significantly more efficient.

Jeff’s hard work has resulted into new contacts and a tribe of sales representatives for him and his team. It is safe to say that Jeff is more than capable of constantly putting our organization’s best foot forward; showcasing RCN Technologies core values as he engineers the best solutions for all types of customers across the board. In Jeff’s words, “take care of your customers, and they will take care of you.”

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