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Help us in celebrating Jameson Chatman on his recent promotion from Product Manager to Inside Sales Manager.   

RCN considers Jameson as a founding father of sorts, seeing as he was the tenth employee hired.  Jameson’s RCN story weaves a much different narrative than his colleagues.  He explains that he started out as a mechanic at Harper Dealership, but lost his job after hurting his back during an ice storm.  Jameson elaborates, “I couldn’t find work for two months.  It was so frustrating.  One day I just prayed to God to help me and seven days later I got the call from RCN.”  He swears by his faith to this day.  

Jameson’s work at RCN has been just as colorful as his vibrant personality.  He started here as a Business Development Representative, moved to installs, switched to engineering (which created a whole engineering department), landed in sales (where he created three territories in a year), then became Product Manager.  “You can practically create your own career at RCN,” he adds.  RCN believes in the autonomy of self-making your career because it makes people like Jameson, Jameson.   

Falling in love with this new position comes easy to Jameson.  Instead of working with projects and things, he now works with people.  “My mom told me I could make friends with a fencepost,” Jameson adds.  We love this about Jameson because it only makes the relationships with our partners (and our fenceposts) stronger.   

His favorite sale involves an underfunded school and a Cradlepoint device.  He helped the school’s tech company install a router, which gave free internet to all the students at the school. Jameson recalls, “We take things for granted, you know.  I still remember that sale.”  He says that stories like these make his job so rewarding and emphasizes the pleasure in finding solutions for people. 

He leaves us with a little bit of advice: “Make today the best you can today, and it will make a better tomorrow.” We are so proud of you Jameson, best of luck with the promotion! 

If you want to get to know Jameson better, you can connect with him on LinkedIn: