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Have you met RCN Technologies? Perhaps you see our logo on LinkedIn profiles, or maybe you’ve seen us post about our favorite wireless routers (ahem…Cradlepoint) or our Resound Voice product, maybe you speak with us daily. But, do you really know us?

RCN is headquartered in beautiful Knoxville TN. We have a local presence in other metro markets with a scattering of remote employees. It is the nearly 6-year-old company started by Geoff and Jennifer Yearack. Named after their children- Ryan, Courtney (aka CJ) and Nicholas we started as a VoIP company. Over time, RCN moved out of the Yearack basement and into office space that has been outgrown twice over. If you haven’t seen our new office, you are missing out.

In the spirit of getting to know RCN Technologies, we are launching our first ever news channel. On this platform, we will be focused on increasing the engagement of our audience with the RCN Team. We are aimed at providing you with more insight on what goes on behind the scenes at RCN. We want you to #ExpectMore from our team by getting to know our employees, company culture, understanding our day to day operations and much more.

TO kick off our news channel we are starting off with our first series called “Meet your reps” In this video series we will be interviewing every sales representative in the company; we want you to learn a little more about the personalities of the people behind the phones. 

In today’s episode, we talk to Ryan Yearack. He is the R in RCN Technology as well as the founder of RCN, Geoff Yearack’s, son. He holds the position of regional account manager for the Southeast region of the United States and is a reputable sales representative in the eyes of our customers and partners. Ryan answers questions about his positions in the company, his personal interest; taste in music and more.

Click the video below to watch.


#ExpectMore for the humans behind the solution

#ExpectMore from RCN Technologies