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Get excited because another episode of RCN’s meet your reps is live! In this episode, we are getting a glimpse into who Sam Miller (Public Sector – Inside Sales) is! Sam Miller is a recent Military Veteran who joined the team last year. He has been an amazing addition to the RCN culture and a huge contributing factor to our Human Technology.
Being the vibrant young man that he is, there is always more to expect from his hard work, jokes, and tenacity. In many ways, Sam has brought the discipline, team spirit, and amazing character he used in his successful military carrier into our team here at RCN. 
Sam explains that he has had an amazing experience working for RCN. Fun fact, Sam has kept count of the number of days he has worked at RCN Technologies since he was hired. He also always wished he could solve the rubrics cube really fast and is a subtle, romantic. Sam expressed his interest in romantic comedies and says that given the chance, he would write a romantic comedy about Jack and Jill. Given his military background, he loves the outdoors and will love to enjoy some time in the woods.
Click the video below and get to know Sam’s “gaudy” sense of humor.
On this platform, we will be focused on increasing the engagement of our audience with the RCN Team. We are aimed at providing you with more insight into what goes on behind engineering your solutions here at RCN. We want you to #ExpectMore from our team by getting to know our employees, company culture, understanding our day to day operations and much more.