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Did you know RCN is a Managed Service Provider… and we always have been.


RCN MSPHere in Knoxville, RCN Technologies continues to build our team, spread our wings and delve into new, more enterprise level opportunities all while continuing to service our more than 8,000 commercial and public sector clients. We move fast, and our success has shown that, but as we have learned recently, some of you aren’t aware of everything we do.

MSP to be more specific. I just want to reiterate… RCN Technologies is a Managed Services Provider. We have been since Geoff and Jennifer Yearack opened the doors nearly 6-years ago. Yes, we are a hardware reseller, and we will absolutely take care of your router, modem, Point of Sale, phone, wireless, etc., needs…BUT we will also manage it all for you. We take care of those needs for several of our clients already, from uptime to their desk phones, and most everything in-between, we make sure they are up and running. Sometimes 24x7.

We are evolving our branding and as 2019 comes around, you’ll start to see us touting our MSP prowess more. You’ll also see us continue to share our focus on doing what is best for our clients. After all, the more we do for you, the more business you do, and the more you’ll come back to us. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be posting more on our blog page and sending out email correspondence detailing the MSP practice as we’ve developed it over the years.

You getting your business done every day (and sometimes at night) is as important to us as it is to you, and our MSP practice is ready to be implemented into that business. We just need to get together with you and start down the path.

To learn more about it, give your local sales director a call. In the Midwest and West, call Scott Swisher. In the Northeast, it’s Cameron Scott. The Southeast is Nick Conner and our Public Sector Manager is Reed Perryman. All can be reached at 865-293-0350.

Tim Wirtz
Vice President of Sales
RCN Technologies