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RTech Solutions

What is a RTech Solution? 

R-Tech solutions were developed for the business who needs 99.999% up-time, but don’t have the budget for the big upfront investment. Our RTech plan provides you with a simplified 36 month subscription based service to keep your operation connected to the things it needs to be.  This solution includes everything you need to keep your business up and running for an affordable monthly fee. Your R-Tech Solution includes:

  • Hardware from Cradlepoint
  • A pre-provisioned device, sent to you, ready to go.
  • A RCN Tech Lab specialist on location to perform the installation
  • 25 MB of Failover data. (overages start at only $12/GB
  • 3G/4G/LTE Antenna Solution

Ready to keep your business online? 

Click below, follow the simple instructions and fill out our quick application to get pre-approved for a R-Tech Solution. A RCN Tech Lab team member will contact you after receipt of your application to help you every step of the way.