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Managing Your Network Starts with Your Router and Ends with RTech. From a simple failover application to a complex network engineering solution with on-going managed services, RCN has the capabilities and know-how to manage nearly all connectivity issues. We can be so bold as to say that because Cradlepoint routers sit at the center of our networking solutions, providing the reliability our clients need. RCN adds even more value to the Cradlepoint solution with additional networking hardware and services and solutions. At the end of the day, our Managed Services division is all about supporting our customers networks, by managing up-time, security, desktop support, updates and just about everything else you need to support the IT side of the business. We call this division Rtech, combining all the aspects of what is needed to efficiently run your business or application via the best, most secure router in the industry, into an affordable monthly subscription that comes with new, up-to-date hardware every time you renew.

The Rtech subscription includes:

• Cradlepoint hardware

• Netcloud management entitlement

• Engineered technical support

• Professional Installation

• Cellular Data

• Managed Services

Rtech is a great way for our customers to fulfill their technology needs without having to worry about high costs or extra time management. It saves you time and headaches. Trust us. Give us a call or send us an email today and ask about and RTech solution. We are at 865.293.0350 or

Nick Conner (Southeast Regional Sales Director)