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Have you met RCN Technologies? Perhaps you see our logo on LinkedIn profiles, or maybe you’ve seen us post about our favorite wireless routers (ahem…Cradlepoint) or our Resound Voice product, maybe you speak with us daily. But, do you really know us?

RCN is headquartered in beautiful Knoxville TN.We have a local presence in other metro markets with a scattering of remote employees. It is the nearly 6-year-old company started by Geoff and Jennifer Yearack. Named after their children- Ryan, Courtney (aka CJ) and Nicholas- we started as a VoIP company. Over time, RCN moved out of the Yearack basement and into office space that has been outgrown twice over. If you haven’t seen our new office, you are missing out.

We are elite and exclusive Cradlepoint partners. We have more certified Cradlepoint Experts than any other partner they have. We are Panasonic Arbitrator partners- and one of ten Panasonic partners nationwide who are certified to install these for our First Responders. We feel that Elo should be everywhere.  We showcase their screens throughout our office and are lucky enough to have their employees at our office regularly (since they are our Knoxville neighbors!).
We could sell anything. We choose to bring our customers the BEST solutions possible.
2019 not only brought about a new space but it brought about a new approach to our business. We are focusing on our partnerships- with manufacturers and vendors, but most importantly, with our customers. We want you to recognize we are your ally.  We look out for you and your business needs by recommending the best.   We want you to get to see the people behind the work that we do. The people who are on the phone calls and doing the demonstrations and finding the right solutions. The humans behind the technology.

It’s time for you to meet the people of RCN. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be introducing you to our team.  You might see a video here or there or just a snapshot of one of our team members and their response to some “get to know you” questions- a mix of serious and silly, insightful or theoretical.   You will also learn about the ins and outs of RCN, and what our why’s are. We look forward to sharing us with you. We hope you follow our People of RCN series on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and perhaps fell so inclined to engage a little more and help us get to know you a little better too.