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Does your Internet Have a Spare Tire?
The internet connection at your business just might be the most important utility you purchase.
What do you do to insure you don’t lose it? What’s your back up plan? Do you have one?
You probably hardly ever notice the spare tire in the trunk of your car. If you’re lucky enough,
you’ve never needed it. But the moment you get a flat, you realize the huge value of that spare tire.


You Can Expect More From Us!
We want you to expect more from RCN Technologies. 
We started as an easy to use and feature rich VoIP phone service business in Knoxville, Tennessee. As the latest technology in business phone systems we knew our customers would demand the best features and pricing. 

We also knew that regardless of business size, location or type our customers would need highly reliable, consistent and instant access to data. We partner with over 100 carriers to insure the right one fits your exact business needs.
Like the spare tire that comes with your car, having a back-up solution for your internet may not be something you think about regularly either. The difference is your car probably has a spare already – but does your business? What happens when you can’t accept credit cards or talk to your customers? How much money do you lose? The national average is about $400 per hour.
At RCN Technologies, you can expect more from us because we’re up-time experts. We make sure you get the right connection and stay connected and you never have to turn away a customer or miss a call again. It’s called Connection Protection. To learn more give us a call and we will connect you with your expert account manager right away.


Your RCN Team


Scott Swisher

Scott Swisher

Director of Business Development and Marketing

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