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Connected Interactive Solutions

What is a connected interactive solution to you? To RCN Technologies this could mean several things based upon how you want your customer experience to be, and how you choose to set your company apart from the rest.

Here at RCN we get it! We understand the new and innovative ways you are implementing technology to take your customer experience to a whole different level. We work in conjunction with companies like Elo Touch, with their interactive digital signage and POS Systems, and Cradlepoint, who provides wireless and failover connectivity for this equipment to bring new technologies to our customers as well.

We’d love to talk to you about working together and bringing these solutions to you. You’re likely wondering, how and why am I going to implement these two types of products into my business? Well, that’s where we come in. We partner with these two great companies to kit together solutions that transform the way your employees and customers interact with your business on a daily basis.

For example, we have seen our retail and franchise customers utilize Elo Touch’s large format screens for customers to showcase an app or to make ordering easier so there is no wait in line. If they do decide to wait in line, then the experience is brought to the register with Elo’s customizable and beautiful POS systems.

Much like we thrive on working together seamlessly with our clients, Cradlepoint matches perfectly with Elo by providing cellular wireless internet connectivity to each screen or POS System to “air gap” these devices from the primary network. With the IBR200 or IBR600 series routers, bandwidth usage off your network is eliminated and security added to transactional data. If “air gapping” is something that does not peak your interest, then the “Branch level” routers are your solution. They provide routing, wireless failover, and firewall capabilities that keep your entire network up and running and protected if there is ever an outage.

Together RCN Technologies, Cradlepoint, and Elo Touch provide the best in class sales support and engineering for the solutions you need to stay up and running. We strive to give each business the individual attention and creativity to set your business apart from competitors.

I have only scratched the surface of implementation use cases for these products that businesses are taking advantage of to increase sales and foot traffic. If you wish to learn more, or you believe your customers could benefit from working together with us, reach out to me anytime at our New York City Office at 646-494-0865 or email me at 



Cameron Scott

Northeast Regional Sales Director