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I really think business continuity and connectivity is one of the most important things for you to think about. The cool thing is you don’t have to worry about it if you call me.


The internet connection at your business just might be the most important utility you purchase. What do you do to insure you don’t lose it? What’s your back up plan? Do you have one? You probably hardly ever notice the spare tire in the trunk of your car. If you’re lucky enough, you’ve never needed it. But the moment you get a flat, you realized the huge value of that spare tire.

RCN Technologies started as an easy to use, powerful and feature rich VoIP business in Knoxville, Tennessee. As the latest technology in business phone systems we knew our customers would demand the best features and pricing.  So we created an enterprise quality solution and made it available to all our clients, from solopreneur to multi-location franchise.

We also knew that regardless of business size, location or type — our customers would need highly reliable, consistent and instant access to data. No matter the requirements. Because we partner with over 100 carriers, RCN Technologies has a solution that can fulfill your business needs.

Like the spare tire that comes with your car, having a back up solution for your internet may not be something you think about regularly either. The difference is your car probably has a spare already – but does your business? What happens when you can’t accept credit cards or talk to your customers? How much money do you lose? I have one customer that used to close and send their 37 employees home with a full days pay when they had an internet outage. I don’t know the total amount they lost, but it has to be several thousand dollars and it happened about once a month.

RCN Technologies, since opening our doors have helped our customers manage their uptime. The first step is to make sure you have a plan for not if but when your primary solution provider fails. The average business loses over $400 per MINUTE when the internet goes out — with many losing far more. While short outages are common, longer service disruptions due to weather, construction or even squirrels can be catastrophic to stay the least. And your company can feel the consequences for long after the connection is restored. What happens to your business when you send everyone home because they can’t work or when you have to turn away customers because you can’t run their credit card? It’s likely happened…hasn’t it?

Today, there’s no reason at all to turn them away or send them home. 4G LTE technology provides 99.999% uptime and cost effective connectivity. As a failover solution, wireless offers speeds fast enough to keep your network humming smoothly. The low cost of entry means a greater return on your investment and faster scalability for multiple locations.

At RCN Technologies, we are uptime experts. We make sure you stay connected and you never have to turn away a customer or miss a call again. It’s called Connection Protections. To learn more give me a call or email Scott Swisher, Cameron Scott, Nick Conner or our public Sector manager Reed Perryman.

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